What's going on at EΨE?


There are a few ways to see what our plans are throughout the year:


Our Twitter feed, to the right, often will have announcements on upcoming events.  If you have a question about an event, just shoot a tweet over to @EYEBeta and we'll send one right back.


Our calendar, hosted by Google and regularly updated, is on it's own page. If you want, you can even subscribe to the calendar and integrate it into your own.


What are the rules of EΨE events?


The rules are pretty simple, but we allow some flexibility and expect those involved to use the honor system.  First, all EΨE members and alumni are invited to all events free of charge.  Each EΨE member can bring one guest, each addition guest requires a small fee that goes towards providing extra food and drink.  First years are invited to all events free of charge but are required to pay a fee for any guests which they bring.


For information on fees send us a tweet or contact our treasurer.

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