"The fraternity shall be known as Epsilon Psi Epsilon Fraternity, and shall have for its objectives the pursuit and cultivation of the practice of optometry and the sciences on which the same is based, together with the defense of the rights and elevation of the dignity of the optometric profession"


Epsilon Psi Epsilon fraternity was founded May 3, 1911 at Columbia University, New York City. T.C. Rath of Jackson Michigan, Harold Eames of Worchester, Massachusetts, and Albert McConnell of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, were the founders of the fraternity. These men were members of the first class of optometry at Columbia University; consequently, Epsilon Psi Epsilon was founded very early in the history of the profession, indeed the first optometric fraternity to be founded.


Those first few years of our fraternity's existence were not as fruitful as one might anticipate, for the optometry students were few in number and the course was of short duration. The potential field of prospective members was small, and that chapter's existence did not perpetuate beyond 1924.


In 1920, the roots of EΨE were transplanted to The Ohio State University by Dr. Rees Ellis of Alpha Chapter. Thus, the Beta Chapter of EΨE was formally installed in the Ohio Union on the Ohio State Campus on March 27, 1920.


Scarcely one year had elapsed after the founding of the Beta Chapter when the third chapter, Gamma, was installed at Rochester, NY by the mother chapter Alpha. Twelve charter members formed Gamma which flourished until 1933 when it was forced to discontinue due to the closing of the Rochester School of Optometry.


Currently, Beta Chapter of EΨE has over 100 members and maintains a house on East 15th Avenue. Our members organize and participate in a variety of professional, social, and philanthropic events throughout the year.


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